New Lift Installation

Our company possesses specialization in successfully carrying out the installation of elevators for new and existing buildings at a cost- effective price by maintaining all necessary international safety standards. We use the Technology for a strategic approach to focus on adding value to the field of management.

  • Inbuilt Stabilizer
  • Automatic Low Volt Adjusting Mode ( Up To 330V)
  • Inverter Based ARD With Battery Preventer ( Increase Battery Life Time)
  • Automatic Sleep Mode Timer With Frequency Converter For Power Saving Up To 40%
  • 3 Level Safety Circuit Provided To Prevent The Over Travel
  • High Level Accuracy Program For Smooth & Jerk Free Stopping
Safety and Quality

Our Quality Assurance Department thoroughly inspects equipment at each installation stage as well as before commissioning to ensure compliance with high quality assurance standards.

Lift Maintenance

With vast industrial expertise and affluent knowledge of this arena, we are readily instrumental in providing world class Maintenance Service. As per the detailed desires of our clients, these presented services are broadly cherished. In addition to this, these could be altered as per the varying desires of our clients.

Our maintenance staff will visit lift/s, strictly once in a month for servicing and technicians will attend the breakdown calls. Our lift Engineers will visit and inspect the lift/s once in a six months for safe and smooth operation of lift's.

In the light of the above information we cordially invite you to enjoy our services than any one you have experienced in the past or present.

Training and Engineering Support

Our in-house and global training programs conducted locally provide its engineers with the latest skill and technology in installation, Quality Assurance and maintenance. Special diagnostic tools and maintenance tools developed by Magnetech elevators enhance the level of safety and performance. These massive training and engineering support system is realizing global class excellent quality services.

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